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Christian clothing and apparel for kids of all ages. Chrildren will love our shirts, hats, hoodies, and more, all of them Scripture based. Hear about sales, receive special offers & more.

Nerd and Geeks tees Good luck and keep us posted! These are two of the biggest T-shirt sales websites. Zazzle has been so far the best money maker for me.

Design your own T-shirt by customizing your own text, design, or image on a variety of custom products, like hoodies, hats, or aprons. Spreadshirt has over unique products for all your T-shirt printing and T-shirt design needs.
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Find and save ideas about Kids shirts on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Boys shirts, Funny kids shirts and Kids boys shirts. Customize your kid's t-shirts with design he/she likes. Use our easy online designer to create customized t shirts, personalised t shirts, custom tee shirts, diy t shirt at the cheap price for kids, men and women!.
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Start With Some Inspiration. Create custom kids t-shirts online at UberPrints! Choose from tons of product styles and colors. Create unique designs on t-shirts, hoodies, and more for .

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Making money by designing t-shirts has become the latest fad, and this sudden interest is truly justified too, considering the profit and creative satisfaction this .

I spent 10 years as a Massachusetts prosecutor, most of which was spent prosecuting online child exploitation. I saw the worst of the worst. I also saw the evolution of social media take a toll on youth, and lead to a spike in bullying cases.

Unfortunately, bullying and anxiety seem to go hand-in-hand, and both still appear to be on the rise. There are sixty-one task forces across the country dedicated to the investigation of those heinous crimes It means a lot to me to be a part of a group that does so much to protect kids from both cyber bullies and predators.

By , my twins had developed their first obsession. We shopped for truck, train, and plane t-shirts because that's what made them squirm with delight , and ended up having to buy those tees in the boys' sections.

The girls loved their big boxy baggy truck t-shirts, and wore them with pride. However, they eventually noticed the comments They must be wearing big brother's hand-me-downs! They can figure it out. My kids knew that something was "off. Like people, our designs differ from one another, but still share a lot in common.

Pink Truckers represent compassion and the courage to be true to oneself. Partial proceeds support the development of child rescue tools that allow for more abusers to be apprehended, and more kids to be saved.

Join the movement with a clothing line for real people, not actors. Started by a former prosecutor of cyberbullies who saw the impact of stereotypes on her own kids, Pink Truck's unique designs celebrate you for who you are, not who you aren't -- one t-shirt at at time. Any advice on protecting designs? For now I would send designs im not attached to. Save my line for my site while submitting clever shirts on multiple sites and not worrying about the design.

Do most sites advertise for you and you get a percentage? Is anyone using and having success with shopify? Teespring has a good article on understanding intellectual property: And here is another article on protecting your designs: Is it a good idea to upload my design to all this pages?

Those are important aspects too. Thanks for the article. I tried my first T-shirt project using Teespring. But your article gave me other resources which I may pursue. My name is shannon, and I just put up my website http: I have immensely enjoyed the chatter on the t-shirt making businesses, because as a henna artist, i am looking to make some tees.

I look forward to reading more of your articles, and only hope that it can help my audience. Obviously these high prices most likely make people turn away. Are any of these sites good for designing shirts and then selling them on a different site for a more reasonable price? Do any of these platforms allow you to upload a video?

My t-shirt involves customizing and so without a video to demonstrate, it will not give it justice. Thank you for a very helpful article. You forget one of biggest companies: Lookhuman TeeFury Design by human.. Keep up the great work! Glad you enjoyed the article, Howard! I think you need to update this article. You should mention teechip. These are two of the biggest T-shirt sales websites. Teechip is an absolute rip off. I ordered shirts from them after without paying close enough attention and thinking it was teespring happy with everything I have gotten from them When I received shirts, the 2x was smaller than the large.

Emailed multiple times, tried to call, sent them pics.. They have horrible reviews all over the place.. If you are looking for creative and brilliant designs or you want to create your own design on your t-shirts, I also recommend you https: Being the oldest t-shirt company in the world we have learned many tips and tricks.

There has been an explosion of t-shirt design companies in the past few years, so I may have to replace them with another company. Very nice tips, I had no idea about this! A few months ago, I started learning to design t shirts by following this guide: Thank you for putting me in the right direction: Thanks a lot for your article, very interesting!

I recently discovered a French on-demand printing service www. What do you guys think about Threadless? Good luck and keep us posted. Zazzle has been so far the best money maker for me. I also make a little money, but not as much on Cafe Press. I had recently started with Spoonflower and been a bit impressed with sales. Meaning you much order it to see it personally. Which really is a good idea, but who can order every single design first before selling!

But I have less than 12 designs on there now and already have a nice 1 seller. Keeps me on the site and occasionally proofing the designs as I add more along the way.

The artist retains all rights to the design and they pay you via PayPal 2 weeks after the sale is over. Its a good way to make some extra money. Be careful when you use a few of these. I used teespring once in the past to order shirts and was a bit disappointed. They may have improved since then however. Thanks for the tips! Yes, you upload the same design to multiple platforms.

But, you need to own the rights to the design. Thanks for this article. Just ordered from Customcat and the quality is very good and holds up nice! I know you can pick various qualities of t-shirts, I wonder if that makes a difference on how well the overlay stays on.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I interested make design in t shirts. I have some ideas, how to hosting my ideas please suggest right website.

Good luck and keep us posted! I have stores in all of your mention sites and a few more. I love making designs using photoshop but many of these business you can use their artwork. I have been making money for about 5 years using these concepts. I started with Zazzle give up for a while then went back and started making some sales. This is a good way to make extra money but it is not easy. You have to really market your product and website and have some knowledge on SEO.

If you are good at advertising and marketing this is a great way to make extra cash. So far zazzle and customizedgirl are the only ones making money without much effort. This is a stupid question but if you already have a design and everything for tee spring who prints out the shirts.

Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Thank you so much for sharing all the reserch! Here are a few factors that are important to me as well. I like to put my logo on the upper back, far enough up to clear a full back image. Alas, Custom Ink has no plans for opening up personal stores. Cafe Press and Zazzle fell far behind on this one when I experimented. I would love the ability to choose an easy to remember web domain, and even the ability to have category subdivisions. I just wish Custom Ink would join this personal market trend!

Holly, I would love to hear what you think of our site http: Thanks for the great article! Just a few quick questions. And, when I upload my designs, are they still my designs? You can also check out https: This is spec work. Sites like 99Designs explout working creatives.

No way to make a living there. Say no to spec. Absolutely avoid sites like 99 Designs. RafTshirt design the Tshirts with custom designs which you guys order. Ordering a design on T shirts takes less than 2 minutes and delivery of your favourite design on T shirt will take place within 48 hours. Thanks for this article! Great list, but it has been rumored that Cafepress exploits its designers. In fact, a petition has been made in concern with their greediness.

I trust FreshMonk for selling custom t-shirts. Making money by designing t-shirts has become the latest fad, and this sudden interest is truly justified too, considering the profit and creative satisfaction this field provides.

Thank you for this informative listicle! Thanks for sharing, Gunshi. If one is doing other sorts of art, DeviantArt is a possibility for prints, mugs, mousepads and such. Your email address will not be published. Comments Other sites to consider rageon and sunfrog: Thanks for sharing your experience, Takla!

Do this companies accept people who are in Qatar? Please check out FlexJobs for international listings: Good luck on your job hunt! Glad you enjoyed the list, Jen. Have you tried any of these out? Hello all, Nymbl just rolled out our public beta for our print-on-demand e-commerce platform and we have a pretty awesome deal for all new users: Feel free to ask me anything you like and either I or a member of the team can get your answers.

Hi Sarah, Take a look at this post for starting your fashion line: What software do I need? Is that a good site? To protect your designs, I would look into trademarking your material. I would focus on one platform and then spend your time promoting your products. Hi Work at Home Lady.

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