Planting A Pineapple

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I already grow my own avocado trees…. I just love this idea. THank you for sharing this article. I love this idea! I also love the photos. I am going to try this myself and will be looking forward to the results I get. In Brazil we boil the peelings and scraps, add sugar and refrigerate. Makes a cool drink with mint and ice. This is pretty rad.

Thanks for teaching me. You need to take care with the cold. And very yellow pineapples are the sweeter. Or plant a mango tree: Hi, its good piece of writing regarding media print, we all know media is a fantastic source of information.

That was a great experiment indeed and you succeed. After grown up, it also increased the charm of the house. That is SO neat! I have been planting my own pineapple for several years. We have had a couple of them look really healthy for a while and then all of a sudden they die. I have another one now that looks pretty good, it is about a year old.

I set them out in the summer to get lots of sun, but always bring them in for the cold months. Can wait to see it produce fruit. Do they continue to produce fruit after the first bearing?

And how ofter do they produce? You can make pineapple beer with those skins. Put them in a container with a lid and about mls warm water and put in a warm place for 24 hours or until the pineapple ferments I use my yoghurt maker. Then stir in sugar or honey to taste — it kind of tastes like a slightly sweet really low alcohol beer. Keep in a sealed container in the fridge. I love the photos for an excellent visual aid on this project. Thankyou so much for this wonderful tutorial.

I have got to get me a pineapple asap. This will be so fun for my kids and me to do together. This sounds awesome, but I have realised that the majority of people who have commented are all from wonderful places in the world i. Not unless you have a VERY large windowsill. These plants are big. I had one for a few years here in TX that I moved outside during the summer and had indoors in the winter. I did not have it set fruit and it eventually died because we had to be gone over an extended period one summer during a drought.

I am from TX also. This heat will not kill the plant? Or do you live in North TX? Wow, I did not know you could even do that with a pineapple at home. Thanks for sharing this. I am a new follower of yours. Have a great weekend. I had NO idea you could do this! Pineapple plants will grow, however, if the fruit was refrigerated during transport to your grocery store or market it will not fruit for you.

I lived in HI for several years and this was the advice of every local I ever talked to. They root faster if you twist off the top and then remove a few of the green part to expose the bottom.

Then put them in a deli container for a few weeks. Roots grow really fast. I had about 25 pineapples this year and am replanting the tops. One top was totally dried out on the outside but I saw new growth inside so I put it in water and in a week it had roots.

My yard is covered with pineapples. When one fruits and is picked, another sprouts from the same plant. I have some in a huge pot on my porch. This past spring I had 6 full size pineapples growing at once in the same pot. Eventually I had to prop them up as they were falling over. Now more are growing.

Just wondering its pretty cold here and its away to start snowing soon, so i reakon loads of clouds? This is so cool! I had no idea you could do this! I am going to have to see if I can try this! The photos are of the same plant. The wide shot is after the first year of growth. The up close shot is after two plus years of growth in the beginning stages of the pineapple developing. This recipe looks so delicious! My mouth is just watering over here…I will try the recipe as you have stated above but I am also anxious to try some of the other ideas that your users have as well!

I just put my pineapple top in water today! There is a very tasty costarrican recipe you may enjoy for the leftovers: I had no idea you could do this!!! I am definitely going to do it, and have even re-blogged about it! I got the perfect idea to use the leftovers of the pineapple. Once you cut the think skin with some pulp in it you place it in a pot just covered in water.

Cover the pot and boil the pineapple skin for around minutes. Once its done, let it cool and then liquify it in the blender. Once you have the juice, you strain everything, put some sugar in it and there you have it! Pineapple juice from the skin. Be careful where you buy your pineapple. Organic plants with no genetic modification will be able to create new fruit.

There are strains of pineapple, used by large industrial pineapple plantations, that are made to not bear new fruit from their tops. Just stumbled upon this and I smiled all the way through the article! It sounds so lovely and I particularly enjoyed the description with the white beaches, turquoise waters, pineapples and palm trees! WOW that is so awesome. As for an idea for your pineapple try grilling it on a rotisserie or just a rotisserie slice it and enjoy it warm, that is my favorite way to eat pineapple.

I never knew that you could grow your own, and have a beautiful houseplant as well. Thanks for the tip!! I am gonna be hitting the local Mexican restaurants and asking for a few pineapple tops…great idea! I just started a new one 2 weeks ago and am hoping for the best! Ok this is ready to go for Mom for Christmas, thanks for the great idea. It only took me 5 pineapples to get things in order to get it planted and ready to go. I kept buying the pineapple when it was on sale and then not buying to pot or forgetting it completely in my windowsill but all is ready now.

Again, thanks for the idea and a happy holiday to you. I tried this a few weeks ago. I planted the top inch of fruit with the leaves. I left it in in a shallow dish of water. The water seemed to ferment. The leaves started turning brownish and it looked like it was dying so I threw it out.

We live in Tn. A friend of our had done this and actually planted it outside. It was huge and had a baby fruit on it! I am determined to do this! Have two more on the counter ready to cut and try! One pineapple—of course peeled…two bananas once again peeled…. No junk in it. Even if this way works wonders for you, this guy is just too funny and has alot of neat stuff other than the pinapple, he grows everything!

Oh wow, finally a well-explained way to grow a pineapple … from a pineapple! Well, we will see if mine will work, my top leaves are drying out, but the rest is good, so lets see if I can grow a pineapple in Wy. Thank you for the post. I have read so many articles about the blogger lovers but this paragraph is truly a good paragraph, keep it up. I love the idea of doing this with my daughters, so we just started it today.

I really want to try this. Now I also want to come up with some more pineapple recipes! Make sure your glass has plenty of ice! Combine all of the ingredients in large saucepan or pot Bring to a boil and simmer partially covered for at about an hour, stirring occasionally.

Thank you very much for this information. My mom grew an orange tree from an orange seed once. It took years but it finally grew tiny little sour oranges! I found your tutorial on pinterest, and linked to it on my blog today www. Hope it brings you some traffic, and thanks for the great tutorial! Hi, i found this tutorial also over Pinterest and gosh I love this… It makes me grin right at my screen. Greetings from Germany Catrin.

Aloha, ya that is the worst pine apple you could have chosen to eat. No offense im sure the batch that was offered was just as green.

Pineapples are not a fruit you pick to let sit out and ripen. You can do that to tomato, or bananas, a couple other things too. You can let it sit for a day it may get a shade darker but nothing serious will change.

I had one for 14 years and it never produced, my parents both have one that are st least 5 yrs old and no pineapple. Still makes a beautiful plant tho.

I am so glad I found this. I have a greenhouse so I think it would be thrilled to be out there in the summer and in my house in the winter. Off I go to get me a pineapple! Everything is very open with a precise description of the challenges. It was really informative. Your website is extremely helpful. I thought I had to wait 2 years for 1 fruit and then the plant would die. If they were imported from S. America or Mexico, they could be propagated because the cores were in tact.

Any newer information would be helpful. I live in Stuart, FL. My little town and its sister, Jensen Beach, used to be pineapple plantations.

I grow them in my front yard. Here is the key to getting fruit in one year instead of two: I was given this advice which I thought my be just native superstition and then was able to validate it.

My twisted pineapples fruited in one year, and all my cut ones took two or more! Not sure of the scientific reason, but I theorize it has something to do with vortex or torsion energy from the twisting action since spirals are geometric model of life in our universe…. I too ran across this on StumbleUpon — what a cool idea! And I agree with a previous post, this is a great activity for kids or home schooling!

Thanks for sharing this: I saw someone repost your pineapple blog. I just wanted to comment on what a fresh and fun writer you are! I really enjoyed reading it. You took a recipe for planting a pineapple and really brightened my night!

You made it fun and interesting and gave me a little insight into your personality. Have a great night!! I have planted 2 pineapples this week. They are growing mold and I have sour nats flying around. I cut the tops probably back 1 inch amd put them in water for 3 days them planted them in miricle grow potting soil. I hope they grow something besides mold. So happy to find this site! I am excited to plant my own pineapple and reap the rewards.

I wonder what else we can grow in this manner? We grew loads when we lived in Uganda, they got huge and were soooooo sweet compared to the supermarket ones we get here in Norway. U can put the cover of the pineapple in water for 3 o 5 days and it makes the most refreshing water ever: This looks very interesting my man. But do u think a Pineapple Tree such as this would survive outdoors in a Mediterranean place like Sicily or Malta?

I had someone give me a pineapple from Hawii. I rooted and planted it. I am hoping here in southeast Texas in will produce a good pineapple. That pineapple was so awesome it made the whole house smell like it. Boo, off to the store I go..

You can actually just twist off the head of the pineapple instead of slicing it off, then pull off about an inch worth of the leaves, as you pull them off you will start to see roots have already began to grow, plant in soil, water and watch it grow.

So does the same plant keep producing year after year, or does that finish the plant and you have to plant a new one?

Every time me and my little boy buy a pineapple from the shop we plant out a new pineapple plant in a pot on the balcony of our apartment. Its certainly not a cost effective means of getting a pineapple time wise, but its lots of fun and kids love it. After all of the wonderful comments, I never saw the answer to one of the original questions… What size pot do you initially use? To me, this is just a cool experiment. The fruit would be great, but I just think the plant is neat!

This is incredible—I swear, growing a pineapple never crossed my mind at all. Does that one plant continue to produce? I really want to try this in my dorm room now! Thanks so much for the info…. My little boy can hardly wait the 3 days it takes before we can plant it!!!! Even if you never got edible size fruit it makes a really interesting houseplant.

Before the fruit matures completely you can cut it at the bottom of the stalk and it is a very interesting addition in a floral design. As much as I love fruit I tend to always see ways to use things in flower arrangements. I started my pineapple plant 26 months ago. It even has a baby plant growing up next to it. What am I doing wrong? I bet a home-grown pineapple tastes a lot better than the imported ones at the grocery store.

What a wonderful instructional blog! I have shared it on my works facebook page http: Thank you for putting pictures to it! Keep up the good work! Even planting is fun, since you get to eat the pineapple! Will it still work? I just want to grow a plant. Also, did you put it in the big pot from the very beginning?

Thank you so much for showing your pictures. I am so excited. I knew there was a way to grow Pineapples but had never seen it spelled out like this. I live in Arizona but have a big house and lots of light so this will grow. Wish I had seen this yesterday. As I was making homemade pineapple sorbet and I hesitated as I threw the top in the trash wondering if I could plant it.

This is great to know. I just cut up a beautiful Royal Golden Princess Pineapple. The fruit tasted just delicious! Since it is smaller, the plant gave me about 4 fruits.

In the s pineapples were a huge fad with the aristocracy in the uk- they built huge heated greenhouses to grow them- even in Scotland. Check this out, a pineapple folly built in , and now you can rent it and stay in it! We have been growing a pineapple for over 2 years and it has no fruit!!!! A better way is to twist off the top, peel away the lower leaves until you see the roots twisted around the stem.

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I did it the way Brittani describes above and mine grew roots quickly. You will have celery clippings all winter and several stalks of celery. The darn thing just keeps on growing. I did plant a Pineapple plant after following this pin. It is growing like crazy and so fun to watch change. I love this idea it makes for a wonderful plant in the house! Thank you for sharing your pin! Well,I have a very big pineapple plant.

I have grown them before and I ate a good lil pineapple off the last one. I live in Ms. I have just always thrown them away when I get a fruit. Yes this is so true have done it many times, seeing that I grew up in the Islands, these things are so natural for me. I stick everthing peice of cut off vegetable I use in the dirt and challenge it to growm. Is this cat friendly? I really want to do this but my cat loves to chew the leaves on my plants: You can make an enzyme cleaning liquid with the peels and leftover bits.

Google it you will find the recipy. Great for pet odours and whoopsies and for general cleaning and you can pour it on your garden plants as a vertilizer so it is a win win i reckon. Takes a while to develop though, but if you are willing to wait 2 years for a single fruit, then this is a breeze. You could make tepache, a divine and refreshing Mexican drink: Warm place for 5 days as it slightly ferments, stirring once a day gently. Strain, taste and sweeten if necessary, chill and serve with mint.

I have a pinapple plant that i have had for a long time it has never had fruit on it. What am i doing wrong?

Someone planted 2 of them among shrubs at my apartment comlex here in central Florida. I snatched the first 2 that grew but someone else got a 3rd. Been about 6 months now, plants still healthy but no sign of any new pineapples growing. I may try to grow one in my apt. So you were the thief! I have mine gettingready to go and will plant it after it spends the weekend in a dish of water. Someone had mentioned how big the leaves get and that they are sharp. Can you trim them without damaging the plant?

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Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this info for my mission. HI I tried this about 3 to 4 years ago and still have one of the 2 pineapple plants that I did like you did but mine never has produced a pineapple. What am I doing wrong. I put it under a grow light in the winter and outside east exposure under the roof in the summer time.

I followed the instructions completely, and my pineapple top rotted and had bugs and maggots growing in the soil! What did I do wrong?!?

Ordinarily, in the Caribbean where I live, we allow the pineapple to ripen to a yellow colour, this can be done by harvesting it and letting it stand in the kitchen a day or two, if left on the stalk birds and insects will get to it before we do: Then when we peel the pineapple, we wash it, then simmer it in a pan of water for a few minutes. Let it infuse until it cools to room temperature. Add sugar to taste, put the pineapple drink to chill in the fridge or add ice and drink straight away.

I forgot to say that I was Answering the question on what to do with the peel. Sorry for the ambiguity. I have tried growing pineapples several times and have failed every single time.

Am going to try your method. I live in Central Florida. I have several plants in my garden outside. I have never put them in water…. Our soil here is a sandy mix, and I think that is more natural. I just cut the sweetest beauty a couple of days ago. You can see it on my FB page if you like. I see no where to put an attachment here.

My only problem is getting them to be large enough. What kind of food do you feed yours? Hi Linda, Man you are so lucky you can plant yours outside! Have a lovely weekend. I am currently trying to sprout 2 pineapple tops using the clear glass method with the base in some water. I have waited 2 weeks and nothing is happening??

Im not seeing any new roots grow or anything and the leaves are just going brown and crispy. I read somewhere else to remove all the pineapple flesh to prevent rot. I see that you left some flesh on there.

Maybe thats what the roots feed off of? Any help would be great. I started a plant almost 3 years ago and after thinking it would never happen, I am getting a fruit started. Thankfuylness to my father who told me concerning this weblog, this webpage is truly awesome.

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